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LinkedIn Training

“Sarah has completely changed my view of LinkedIn as a business tool. She has great insights and is passionate about what LinkedIn can do for your business and personal brand.”

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Social Media Training

“Sarah answered all my questions, made me aware of the tools available and calmly walked me through some of the steps during our zoom session.”

“Sarah and I only had 2 sessions together and she gave me the knowledge and the confidence to set myself up on Instagram and start recording live.”


Monthly Meetup

I am very excited to be working with the amazing folk at Agorapulse to bring you my monthly meet up.

LinkingOut Club will meet monthly online. We will have a great speaker every week and lots of opportunities for networking too.



My talks have been called ‘energetic’, ‘informative’. ‘really useful’ and ‘amazing’.

If you’re interested in hearing me speak, find out more by clicking on the link below:

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Why use Sarah Clay?

My pleasure comes from watching my clients achieve successes when they work with me (did you know, one of my favourite sounds is the ‘aha’ moment I sometimes hear when I’m training people?).

I adopt a very nurturing approach with all my students, helping make the most of everything I teach them.

While I am training someone, I am always available to answer questions, offer advice and comment on posts where I can. I do not ‘train and run’, I am there for you.

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