An award winning social media manager with proven results, I use my years of marketing and social media experience to help my customers sell more products. Working mainly in the hospitality industry, I’ve increased sales of events, food and wine for my clients; all through the use of social media.

The hospitality industry is not an easy place for social media. There are lots of pages offering bland and poor quality photographs of plates of food, drinks and people having a fun time. I think outside the box and come up with new ideas and ways to promote your pub, restaurant, hotel on social media.

Using my experience, tenacity and creativity, I ensure my client’s social media works to help them make more sales.

Having run the marketing department for a group of estate agents, I know what it’s like to deal with tricky customers! I never leave a comment unanswered and I can turn a negative into a positive for your unhappy customers, (should you have any of course!).

Running the PR department for a film studio enabled me to realise how creativity is vital so I work with some top quality photographers and designers to make your social media really stand out.

I give a good service to my clients and I ensure my clients do the same for their customers! This is why I now specialise in working with the hospitality industry. When you’re dealing with customers every day, you can offer the best customer service. I like to spread that experience on line via your social media channels.

I offer social media strategy, training and every day social media management for all kinds of companies within the hospitality industry – so whatever your needs, I can make it work for you.