I’ve worked in Marketing since 2011 always focussing on providing top level customer service & a great customer experience. I now use my passion to work mainly in the hospitality industry.

Firstly as head of marketing for Hotblack Desiato estate agents in Islington. Fancying a bit of a change, I became head of PR & social  media for award winning Nexus Animation studios.

Realising social media was the future of marketing I left Nexus to study for  my diploma in social media marketing. In 2017 I became a qualified Social Media Manager with award winning Digital Mums. Sarah Clay Social was born the day after I graduated!

Good customer service is key – don’t you think? Don’t you remember companies who have created a great experience for you? My 5 year old son once said, after a really good cafe breakfast:

“The service was good wasn’t it, so was the food. In fact it was all really nice, but I suppose it has to be otherwise they won’t get any customers and they won’t earn any money will they?”

This mantra I now live by. I give a good service to my clients and I ensure my clients do the same for their customers! This is why I now specialise in working with the hospitality industry. When you’re dealing with customers every day, you can offer the best customer service. I like to spread that experience on line via your social media channels.

People often ask what is my favourite part about looking after people’s social media accounts:

I love the initial strategising. I love sitting with my clients and working out who is their audience, how can they best appeal to them. Then I go away and put that into practice.

Of course engagement is great fun too – as a born communicator spending time communicating with others comes very naturally to me. Engagement on social media isn’t just about random chats. ‘Engagement’ is a well thought out process intended to grow your presence and reputation across your social media channels.

I also really enjoy passing my knowledge on to others. One thing which I really get a kick out of is watching people’s faces as they reach the ‘ahh’ moment when I’m teaching them!

Social media is constantly changing so I spend a great deal of my time attending workshops, conferences, webinars etc. With a passion for learning, I constantly refresh my skills and keep up to date with the almost daily changes in the world of social media.

With me at your side, this means you always have the latest information to hand. I leave you to concentrate on your business while I deal with the social media!

How YOU can help ME!

I am at my happiest when I am working (it’s true, ask my kids – if they can remember who I am!). Employ me to help you with your social media, you will be making me even happier! If I’m happy, I’ll work better – for you!