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How to write a LinkedIn Headline that will help you get more customers

Your LinkedIn headline is the most important part of your LinkedIn profile. It goes with you where ever you appear on LinkedIn. It is your shop window, your elevator pitch. So it’s essential that it clearly and succinctly explains exactly what you do. What is your headline? Your headline is the type that sits right […]

How to use the ‘Teammates’ Feature on LinkedIn

When you’re part of a company or organisation, it’s important to keep up to date with what your colleagues are doing. When we all worked in offices together, this was fairly easy but now we have to make a bit more of an effort.  The Teammates feature on LinkedIn is a great tool that can […]

How to grow your network on LinkedIn

Do you sometimes look at how many connections someone has on LinkedIn and think ‘is that real?’ or ‘how on earth did they get that many?’.  Let me tell you that, yes, those people really have built up that many connections – right on LinkedIn. Want me to tell you how to do it? Then […]


Engagement is measured by adding up any interaction on a particular post.  So, on Instagram that would include all the likes, comment, shares as well as the times it’s been saved or shared to someone’s story.  It’s literally how often people ‘engage’ with your post. HOW DO I FIND THE ENGAGEMENT ON A POST? Instagram […]

Are you a big fish in a small pond?

Is your LinkedIn feed full of ‘rubbish’?

Do you avoid LinkedIn as you think ‘it’s just not for me’? Recently I’ve met a lot of people who tell me that their LinkedIn feed is just full of rubbish content. When they scroll through their feed all they see is sales messages or, at best, content which just doesn’t resonate with them at […]

Don’t forget your audience in a pandemic

How to ensure your social media is good enough after Covid19

“I think we are going to emerge out of this crisis with social media as a more mature medium, and something that is absolutely integral to a global brand’s communications strategy. The tools and the audience are all there – it’s now up to us to make the most of it”.  Have you been ‘hammering’ […]

How to make yourself look fantastic on video

How To Use Your Wardrobe To Enhance Your Personal Brand. [A guest blog by personal stylist Tracy Jayne Hooper.]

Personal Brand is a hot topic at the moment in the entrepreneurial and small business space, and is incredibly important for anybody running their own business, or looking to progress in their career. In order to understand how to use your wardrobe and the clothes you wear to enhance your Personal Brand, we first need […]

How I increased my engagement on Instagram by 154.7% in 30 minutes

This week I gave an ‘Instagram stories masterclass’ at the Excel Centre as part of the Hotel Restaurant Catering Show. Have you ever attended a talk at an industry event? You listen, you think it’s great, then you wander off to get some free merch or a coffee and suddenly it’s all gone, you can’t […]

Why a social media strategy will get you more followers

If you’re having problems working out what and when to post on social media, maybe you should think about implementing a social media strategy.  Why is this so important? It’ll help you get more followers Yes, it’s true! Posting consistently will help you grow your following. If you schedule your posts in advance and get […]

In which Sarah compares the algorithm to a washing machine

Does the word ‘algorithm’ fill you with dread? Does it make you go all hot and cold and bring you out in a spin?  To be honest, when I started in this social media game, I hated the word. I avoided it as much as possible thinking it was something only really techy folk worried […]

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get more exposure on other people’s posts.

In my article on ‘how mentioning other people can help your brand’, I talk about how appearing in other people’s posts on LinkedIn can be beneficial to you. However, someone can only mention you in their posts if you allow it.  If you want to maximize your exposure on LinkedIn, it’s essential that you allow […]

Learn to Love LinkedIn Video

Why you shouldn’t be on Linked In

With over 500 million people using Linked In in 2019 and around 100 million of those active every day (yes every day!), surely Linked In is a great place to hang out?  One fifth of regular Linked In users are senior executives and/or decision makers within companies. That makes for a fairly captive audience if […]

How to write scroll stopping Instagram captions

A good caption on an instagram post can increase your engagement and get that post seen by a LOT more people. There are different ways to encourage people to stop scrolling when your image comes up in their feed. Whilst a strong image is important, having an engaging caption is also key. A good caption […]

Sex, trust and mind reading – my highlights of MarketEd Live 2019

To open your own conference talking about getting off with people at conferences is an interesting move for sure. However, Paul Ince wasn’t just using cheap jokes for the sake of titillation. Biz Paul’s opener at his conference: ‘MarketEd Live 2019’, was an intelligent analogy for the way social media can sometimes affect us: likes, […]

Hashtags on Instagram – The where, why and how

Why do we need them?             Where do we use them? How do we know which hashtags to use – and how many? But first of all: WHAT ARE HASHTAGS? Hashtags are, quite simply, a filing system; a way of categorizing content so it can be easily found. Hashtags allow social media users to search […]

Handling customer complaints on social media

TOP TIPS FOR HANDLING CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you open your facebook page and your notifications say “John Smith does not like your pub” or “Mary Jones gave your restaurant one star”.  Oh no! What to do? Customer complaints and negative comments can be […]

How to use social media to attract more customers to your pub

Why every pub manager should be on LinkedIn

89% of businesses say that testimonials are the best form of content marketing

What do you do with your testimonials? If you’re planning a holiday, you look at review sites so why not in business? People like the verification of a testimonial. Watch what I’ve done with a recent testimonial I received.

Is your content being seen by the right people?

Fed up with making videos, writing articles and no-one sees them? Watch my video to see how I can help you work out who is your target audience.