Articles by Sarah Clay

How to write scroll stopping Instagram captions

A good caption on an instagram post can increase your engagement and get that post seen by a LOT more people. There are different ways to encourage people to stop scrolling when your image comes up in their feed. Whilst a strong image is important, having an engaging caption is also key. A good caption […]

Sex, trust and mind reading – my highlights of MarketEd Live 2019

To open your own conference talking about getting off with people at conferences is an interesting move for sure. However, Paul Ince wasn’t just using cheap jokes for the sake of titillation. Biz Paul’s opener at his conference: ‘MarketEd Live 2019’, was an intelligent analogy for the way social media can sometimes affect us: likes, […]

Hashtags – The where, why and how

Why do we need them?             Where do we use them? How do we know which hashtags to use – and how many? But first of all: WHAT ARE HASHTAGS? Hashtags are, quite simply, a filing system; a way of categorizing content so it can be easily found. Hashtags allow social media users to search […]

Handling customer complaints on social media

TOP TIPS FOR HANDLING CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you open your facebook page and your notifications say “John Smith does not like your pub” or “Mary Jones gave your restaurant one star”.  Oh no! What to do? Customer complaints and negative comments can be […]

How to get more people in your pub using social media

How to use social media as the manager of a pub (Warning: this may surprise you.)

89% of businesses say that testimonials are the best form of content marketing

What do you do with your testimonials? If you’re planning a holiday, you look at review sites so why not in business? People like the verification of a testimonial. Watch what I’ve done with a recent testimonial I received.

Is your content being seen by the right people?

Fed up with making videos, writing articles and no-one sees them? Watch my video to see how I can help you work out who is your target audience.

What Colour Are You?

How obvious are your brand colours? When I say ‘obvious’ I don’t necessarily mean ‘loud’ (like mine are!), but can people look at your brand colours and automatically think of you? When people scroll through their social media feeds and they see those teeny tiny icons – is yours recognisable? When people see your banners […]

How to build relationships to get repeat business

If you don’t want customers to complain, build up relationships with them first. I show you how to do that in this blog.

Why You Should Hug Your Customers

Really? Is that a thing? I hear you ask. If you think that hugging your customers sounds a bit over friendly, read on dear reader, read on. When I say ‘hug your customers’, do I mean just that or do I mean something more along the lines of: ‘Give your customers something out of the […]

Volunteering at a Social Media Conference: The True Story

I travelled from London to California in March 2019 to be a volunteer at one of (if not the) largest social media conference in the world. If you’ve never been to, or volunteered at, a conference, this article may help you make the decision whether or not it is something you want to do. I […]

How To Apply Lipstick by ‘Make Up With Maggie’

Maggie is an absolute daarling, don’t you think? She sure knows how to knock up a training video under pressure!

What Is Influencer Marketing & How Can It Help My Brand (especially if I don’t have a budget)?

In this article, I try to de-bunk the myths that surround Influencer Marketing. I aim to show you that Influencers aren’t all bad (really!), and that Influencer Marketing may be a great tool to implement into your Social Media strategy.

How to Network at a conference (and other awesome tips for excelling as a delegate)

Going to a conference can (and should) be a big deal. As well as the learning, there are the connections you will make.

How to create a stand out profile picture for your social media

Follow these 9 tips to create profile photos which will make you stand out from the crowd.

My Take Aways from MarketEd.Live 2018

There was so much learning from so many amazing speakers that I felt compelled to share my learning with you all. There are some real gems here so take a look.

How You Can Use Instagram Collections For Your Brand

Do you waste time trawling through other feeds on Instagram looking for an image you’ve previously liked, or have problems remembering someone’s handle and can’t find them? Using Instagram collections as a filing system will save you tons of time – read on and find out how you can use them.

Don’t just ‘talk, talk, talk’ you need to listen too

How to properly engage with other people on Social Media. Don’t just talk talk talk, you need to listen too.

User Personas: why, what and how?

How well do you know your audience? By creating a set of user personas, you can really begin to understand the people you are trying to sell to. If you understand them better, you’re more likely to be better at selling to them too!

Tips For Working From Home

Working from home can be tricky: it’s easy to get distracted, or focus on your work for too long. It can also be lonely. Here are some tips to try to alleviate those problems.