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What Colour Are You?

How obvious are your brand colours? When I say ‘obvious’ I don’t necessarily mean ‘loud’ (like mine are!), but can people look at your brand colours and automatically think of you?

When people scroll through their social media feeds and they see those teeny tiny icons – is yours recognisable?

When people see your banners on your Linked In page – are they consistent with the rest of your branding, with your banners on your Facebook and Instagram feeds for example?

It’s important that your brand presence is consistent and that it is ‘yours’.

I wear my brand colours all the time; my office wall is painted ‘Sarah Clay orange’, my bike is purple (more by accident to be fair!).

Because of the fact that I am not only consistent with my brand but persistent with it too, I get photos from people I hardly know of all things orange and purple saying “I saw this and thought of you.”

When you think of Virgin for example – you think of red; EasyJet orange is really recognisable and, even when you see a similar orange elsewhere, it’s likely that your mind will drift to the Easyjet image, and the next thing you’ll be booking your holiday.

Have you chosen your brand colours yet?

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