How to write good LinkedIn posts

You know how it feels when you read a post on LinkedIn and you think ‘YES!’. It’s a good feeling right? For a brief moment you love the person who’s profile you’re looking at.  Maybe it’s a short 3 liner or a film or a longer article on LinkedIn, it doesn’t matter – it’s a good feeling isn’t it?

That’s the sign of a good post – it means that it resonates with you.  As long as you’re the person it’s meant to resonate with then the person who wrote and published that post, article, film or whatever it is – has done a great job.

So how do you create content which does that? How do you create LinkedIn posts which causes your readers to shout ‘YES’ (even in their heads!).

The first thing you need to do is identify who it is you’re aiming your content at.  Who are you writing for? 

Back to the post above, although you may have thought that article was amazing and very poignant, not everyone would have thought the same.  Your friend who works in a different industry from you or who has different interests from you may have thought it was a load of nonsense. She may have thought what was written was of no interest at all and when you showed it to her she just went ‘Meh’.

There is a good reason for that. It’s that the person who wrote the content is not trying to appeal to your friend; they’re trying to appeal to YOU!

They have identified that you are their ‘Ideal Customer’, you are the person they would like to target. So they have worked out what makes you tick and what kind of content will resonate with YOU.

Literally, they know what is going on inside your head.  That’s why your brain reacted in the way it did. Do you know what your brain did when it read that content?  It released a tiny weeny bit of dopamine which made you feel momentarily happy. I know it sounds complicated (actually it is much more complicated than this but this is the gist of it – scientists please don’t quote me here, it’s a guide ok?!).

So, in order for you to create content that makes your reader feel happy, to feel that you are talking directly to them, you need to first of all identify who it is you’re talking to. You really cannot ‘please all the people all the time’ so don’t even try.

Once you have worked out who is your audience, who is it that you want to sell your products to, or your service, THEN you can write LinkedIn posts which they will understand and which will make them say ‘YES!’ when they read it too.

People who write posts on LinkedIn with a view to serving everyone just end up compromising their message. When this happens, everyone thinks their posts are a bit – well a bit ‘Meh’.  Target your ideal customer, don’t waste time trying to target people who will never buy from you.

Creating content before you’ve worked out who it is you’re targeting is a bit like trying to organize a party when you don’t know who’s been invited.   You wouldn’t want to take a load of 90 year olds to a roller disco or a load of 5 year olds to watch ‘Gone With the Wind’. Yes these are extreme examples but I think you get the picture.

So, work out who it is you want to sell to and target them and only them. When you do this, you will start to see some of those ‘YES’ moments when people are reading your LinkedIn posts too!

For more tips like these, just let me know here and they’re all yours!

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