How to ensure your social media is good enough after Covid19

“I think we are going to emerge out of this crisis with social media as a more mature medium, and something that is absolutely integral to a global brand’s communications strategy. The tools and the audience are all there – it’s now up to us to make the most of it”. 

Have you been ‘hammering’ your social media during lockdown? You won’t be the only one. Social media usage has gone up by 25% since lockdown with ad users up by a whopping 72%!

There has been some amazing content circulating our social media channels during the corona virus. You’ve all seen those hilarious videos of Trump in Saturday Night Fever, or the man reading to his child at bedtime in a future world musing about ‘what happened in 2020’.

I would say the ‘bar’ in social media has been significantly raised!

With very little alternative ways to ‘market’ your business, how can you ensure that your social media is good enough during lockdown and, more importantly, beyond?

  1. Put out engaging content. Don’t think that ‘average’ content will do, it’s more than simply ‘putting your name out there’. It’s essential that your audience is entertained, engaged or educated in some way – by every piece of content you publish.
  2. Make sure your content is right – for your audience. Think: will the person I want to attract think this is funny? Do not think: I think it’s funny so my audience will. So many companies ‘miss the mark’ when it comes to their content message. Don’t make that mistake.
  3. Be consistent. Posting and appearing regularly on your social media channels will build up a solid fanbase of loyal people. Consistency will enable your audience to get to know you, like you and, of course, trust you. It may take time but it’s so worth it.
  4. Engage with your audience. Start conversations, continue conversations, really get to know who your audience are and what they want. This will make your job much easier in the long run.
  5. Don’t be salesy. This is key! People are not interested in being sold to. They want to be engaged, educated and entertained and, if you follow the steps above, they will buy. But don’t push that sale down their throat – you’re likely to choke them.

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