How to increase your engagement on Instagram

Engagement is measured by adding up any interaction on a particular post.  So, on Instagram that would include all the likes, comment, shares as well as the times it’s been saved or shared to someone’s story.  It’s literally how often people ‘engage’ with your post.

How do I find the engagement on a post??

Instagram to the rescue! When you look at your post you will see you have the option to ‘View Insights’.

Click on the blue text and you’ll get the results:

This post has had 24 likes, 30 comments and no shares or saves. (I’ll talk about those in another blog!)

So the total engagement on this post is 54.

So why is engagement measured as a percentage?

Good question!  Once you’ve worked out how many people have engaged on your post you have to compare that with the number of followers you have. So the more followers you have, the lower your engagement rate is likely to be. (Yeah, that sucks I know!).

At time of writing this, I have 1,318 followers on my Instagram account so here’s the sum:

54 divided by 1318 multiplied by 100 which on this post, will give me an engagement percentage of 4.1%.

Or for you visual learners:

So what does this mean?

This means that 4.1% of my followers have engaged with this post.

What should my engagement be? (4.1% seems a bit rubbish!)

Thank you!

It’s actually pretty good!  The average engagement percentage on Instagram at the moment is around 2%.  I know it seems really low but it’s the highest engagement across most of the social media platforms!


Yes, this is how some of the other platforms are performing right now:

So you see Instagram is doing pretty well by comparison. ??

What can I do to increase my engagement on Instagram?

No surprise but getting a decent engagement on your Instagram posts is not an overnight fix. Social media takes time.

“You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on a first date”

I’m not sure who said that but it rings true to me! There are certain things you need to do to set the ground-work and build up those followers and that all important engagement on Instagram.

So, in order to start building those blocks, here are 5 tips to help you on your way.

Set your profile up to appeal

A good profile will encourage people to follow you and to engage on your posts.

? Make sure you have a clear profile photo – or if you’re a brand use this space for your logo.

? Write a clear bio, make it clear what it is that you do or sell.  It’s all very well to say something like ‘you make the moon spin’ or something but that’s not going to help people know what you’re selling!  Use emojis here if you like, Instagram is a visual platform after all.  Use the limited words wisely, maybe add a call to action asking your followers to ‘get in touch’ or ‘send a DM’ or ‘click on the link in my bio’.

? Ah – the link in your bio – make sure it goes somewhere interesting! To your website or a blog or a You Tube video, or you could use Instagram’s Linktree to make an information page.

Here’s an example of a great Instagram profile – it’s got it all!

? Clear photo

? Easy explainer title

? Clearly says what she does

? Emoji’s to make it pop

? Call to action

? Link in bio

Design attractive posts

What is the first thing people see of yours on Instagram?  It’s the post itself – the visual.  When people are scrolling through their home feed, they’ll only stop if something makes them. If you have a captivating image, you’re more likely to get people stopping on your posts and doing that all important engaging!

I’ve chosen these 4 as examples to show you don’t have to use special tricks, just a nice, clear image is enough.Y

Write Engaging Copy

So, you’ve managed to get someone to stop scrolling to look at your image, the one sure fire way to keep them there is to write great text (or copy).  The first sentence is the most crucial so concentrate on that being enticing and interesting enough that they want to read on – and comment too!

Asking questions is one way to encourage comments so think what you can ask – what do you think? Have you done this? What do you do? Etc.

Use the Correct Hashtags

Hashtag strategy is a whole big ball game and I could (and probably will), write a blog just about the how, the which, the when of hashtags. BUT, safe to say you need to use them!

When thinking about which to use and how many, here are some ideas:

? Use all 30 – heck why not, that’s what they’re there for!

? Put a space between your text (or copy) and your hashtags. Best way to do that? Use the ‘dot’ technique.


Yes, I know! 

So, on Instagram, formatting is limited so you can’t leave lots of spacing between lines. If you do, Instagram ignores it and bunches up the text.  It’s annoying but it’s what it does. So if
your copy and you want to leave spaces just hit
then some fullstops
to create space!

Show up!

Finally, the big deal on Instagram is to show up regularly.

OK, let’s put it like this, if you want people to talk to you, you have to talk to them too. So, you need to like and comment on other people’s posts for them to do the same to yours.  The reason for this is that otherwise they won’t know you’re there.  It’s like organising a huge party in your house and forgetting to tell people about it!

Doh – you wouldn’t do that would you?

So there you go, just a few tips to help you get more engagement on your posts on Instagram!

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