How to link your Instagram and blog accounts

If you’re the owner of a healthy Instagram account, do you need a blog? Conversely, if you’re a prolific blogger, how does that translate to the super-fast visual world of Instagram? We content creators often hear the following:

  • ‘I post on Insta all the time, why do I need a blog?’
  • ‘I’m an active blogger so I don’t need Instagram.’

Actually there’s room for both; you just need to know how to put them together.

  1. From Insta to blog: Linking Instagram posts to your blogs is a great way of pulling traffic over to your web page. To make sure the story theme is continuous you can use the same image, then make your blog reference and put a link in the bio.
  2. From blog to Insta: Blogging about Instagram can be a story in itself. You can use a screenshot of a colourful Insta story with all those cute scattered icons, and plant the same tags throughout, doubling the exposure of the subject matter.
  3. Layer the topic: Team your blog and Insta posts using the same theme (ie: “This week I’m talking about…”). Followers will be happy to read both as they’ll work in a slightly different way.
  4. Expand on a theme: If you’re working hard to build a pretty grid you might be reluctant to spoil it with a blog-related shot, but why deviate from the theme? Use the same pic and write a longer but still relevant post, then link as above.
  5. Get lost in stories: Comments on Insta posts can generate great topics. How often have you gone on a comments journey and wound up somewhere random but fascinating? Tell the story in a blog post. You can always drop a link to the other person’s page, which in itself is a nice way of sharing traffic.
  6. Embed your feed: Putting an Instagram feed on a blog is a visual and direct way of making connections. Each platform works differently so have a rummage around your site settings to work out how to do it. If you’re already managing your own site it should be straightforward enough to work out the technicalities.
  7. Don’t forget to tag: This is a small tip that cannot be underestimated. Make sure the links are relevant and still active. Better to check in advance than send people down dark rabbit holes to nowhere.

A word on timings

Much has been circulated on the best times to post, and it’s an everchanging, multi-moveable feast. By the light of a full moon on a Tuesday in June? On Thursdays just after lunch? If we take a practical stance, Monday and Saturday mornings make most sense since they herald the start of the working week or the weekend. Not too early in the day, though, as posts often get lost in rush hour traffic.

A word on Instagram ‘see more’ links

If you’ve got more than 10,000 followers and a “verified” Instagram account, you’ll already be using this funky link feature. If not, just stick with the time-honoured methods of tagging and hashtags, and use them liberally but tactically. Everyone likes a clever share.

A word on Mo Lawson: a north London content writer, Mo helps plan and write copy for a range of diverse websites. She loves linking Insta stories to blog posts, and is working hard to resist posting photos of her cats. You can read more at Wordfairy.co.uk.

How to link your Instagram and blog accounts

Guest blogger Mo Lawson on how to link your insta and blog stories.

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