Provide solutions, not problems

What your customers need are solutions, not problems. Yes, if a customer comes to you with a problem and you see that the only way to really solve this problem is by addressing something much larger, you have a duty to tell them.

What is vital here is that you offer them a solution to the whole problem, don’t just tell them it needs sorting and leave them hanging!

If you present a potential client with a problem larger than the one they presented to you, how will that make them feel? Frustrated? Insecure? Confused? If someone is feeling these emotions they are not in a position to buy from you – not today and, in fact, probably never. Your business relationship has broken down and no amount of back peddling, offers etc will fix it. The trust has gone. They’ll never buy from you.

What you offer them may cost a LOT more than the figure they were anticipating – but it’s up to you to show that potential customer that your solution will get them results they desire – and more! Do this correctly and you could have a customer for life.

What if you can’t supply the answer to their ‘big’ problem?  Find someone who can and set up a referral. What happens by doing this is that you have done everything you can to solve that person’s problem.  Then walk away with your head held high knowing that you have done everything within your power to help that person.

So, ‘no contract’ you say. All those hours talking and finding someone to help them and no contract, no client? Correct.

What has happened here is much greater.  What you have done is earn yourself a load of brownie points.  The next time that person needs what you offer, you’ll be front of mind and you will be the first person they come to.  You’ve established yourself as knowledgeable, kind and someone who can find a solution to EVERY problem – even if you can’t fix it yourself.

Kind acts don’t go forgotten. If someone comes to that person asking if they know anyone who offers your services, who will they recommend? You of course! That may not happen tomorrow, or this year but your problem solving will make it’s way back to you at some point.

Have you seen this happen in your business?

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