Why buy a really expensive outift and leave it hanging in the wardrobe?

You look stunning in it. When you wear it, your confidence levels soar and you feel – and look – taller. You know the outifit I mean – that incredible dress you bought for your best friend’s wedding or that Armani suit you bought for THAT interview. 

So what has this got to do with LinkedIn?

The fact that you’ve spent time creating a LinkedIn profile is fantastic.  You’ve done the workshop, read the articles and devoted a fair chunk of time. 

✅    Banner: designed and on brand   
✅    Photo: up to date, smiling, looking to camera
✅    Headline: says what you do and who you help
✅    About section: expands on your headline, lists some achievements
✅    Skills: all 50 listed
✅    Previous experience: all in order

But don’t stop there!

This is the part where people often think “right that’s it, I’m done.  I’ll just leave that there and wait for people to swing by and offer me a job or a new contract.”

But they don’t. No one comes and your profile just sits there gathering dust. 


Because no one knows it’s there. Unless you’re proactive on LinkedIn, people won’t know about your amazing profile and they’ll never find out about you. All that work would have gone to waste.

If you’re regularly posting content and ‘engaging’ with others on LinkedIn, you will find that people really WILL start coming over to your profile and having a look. Just watch your LinkedIn connections grow as you start to build up your network. 

It starts slowly but it will happen. Before you know it, you will have a huge network of interesting people who are commenting on your posts and could soon become customers or employers.

Being on LinkedIn proactively and regularly is the most effective way to build up the audiences that you need to grow your business. So, don’t waste all that time you spent building your profile to just leave it hanging in the wardrobe – get it out for all to see! 

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