It’s a good feeling when people congratulate you isn’t it? It’s nice when you’re well known in your circle for being good at what you do.
I don’t know about you but I love that warm and fuzzy feeling that happens inside when someone acknowledges my skills and achievements. Being the big fish in your pond is a good place to be.
Now, I’m not knocking that at all, happiness is important. BUT (of course there’ll be a ‘but’!), have you ever thought of jumping into a different pond, a slightly bigger pond?
Now I know it sounds scary 😬 but think about it. How will you get better at what you do unless you take that leap?
How will you grow as a person and, more importantly, how will your business grow if you remain within the confines of your own limitations?
Yes, you’ll become a little fish again and that’s not a particularly comforting thought but you’ll have all those big fish to learn from.
A group of fish isn’t called a ‘school’ for nothing you know!
Also, don’t forget that those big fish with whom you’ll be swimming were once teeny weeny baby fish too with the same insecurities you may have.
Take that thought with you as you prepare yourself.
Oh, don’t forget to make sure there’s some water in that pond before you make the leap!

Are you a big fish in a small pond?

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