People don’t always realise how much they need something until it isn’t there.

In a normal day, we can connect with hundreds of people without even thinking about it.
Walking down the street, on the bus, the tube. In the office, the restaurant or pub.

Even if we’re not directly interacting with those other people, we’re still connecting in some way. A glance here, a nudge there, even a sighting from afar. That person’s presence still affects us in some way – subliminally or otherwise.

Now that we don’t have that ability to connect, we are reaching out more on social media.

Social media usage has risen by 45% worldwide since the coronavirus.

Maybe now is the time to implement some changes in your social media.
Your people need you right now, yes right now! Please don’t forget your audience in this time when they need those connections the most.

Don’t forget your audience in a pandemic

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