How to grow your network on LinkedIn

Do you sometimes look at how many connections someone has on LinkedIn and think ‘is that real?’ or ‘how on earth did they get that many?’.  Let me tell you that, yes, those people really have built up that many connections – right on LinkedIn. Want me to tell you how to do it? Then read on as you can do it too.

It isn’t difficult to build up your connections on LinkedIn – it doesn’t need any special tricks or tools. You don’t need expensive apps or software. All you need is your fingers 🤚🏼– or your thumbs 👍🏾 👍🏾 if you’re on a phone and you thumb-type!



In order to demonstrate my proven technique for growing my connections on LinkedIn, I’m going to use my favourite analogy – a party.

You’ve been invited to a party! Woop Woop! Except it’s the party of a colleague and you only know 2 other people who are going. 

When you arrive you have two options:

Option A

Spend the whole night in a corner chatting to your two buddies about the same stuff you chat about when you usually meet up.

Option B

Try to chat to new people, thereby expanding your network of friends, business associates and possibilities for the future.

Ok, so let’s explore Option B which is my favourite.

So how do you go about it? Do you just start chatting to people about random things? 

You could try it “Hi, I’m Sarah, I have a gecko called Milo.”  Hmm, I’m not sure that’s going to work for everyone.

Or, you could try to find something in common that you could use as a conversation starter.  That sounds easier doesn’t it?  Mutuality may make the conversation flow a bit more smoothly.

In this scenario it’s actually pretty easy. You could try ‘Hi, how do you know (insert name of host here).

Boom! You’ve cracked it.  Off they go talking about university days, a previous employment or maybe some family stuff – depending on their relationship with the host.

So, bringing this back to LinkedIn, you can do exactly the same here!  Yes, you can connect with, let’s say, my contacts because you are both connected to me.

LinkedIn is such a great tool, it makes this super easy too!  All you have to do is:

🔸Go to my profile (type my name in the ‘search’ bar at the top)

🔸Click on my connections:

You will be able to see every single one of my connections! Ta dah!

By clicking on any of my connections, you can have a look at their profiles and see if you want to connect with them.  How easy was that? 

Then you just send them a message saying ‘Hi, we’re both connected to Sarah Clay (or whoever), shall we connect here?’

‘But there are loads’ I hear you say?  WHERE DO I START?

Aha – well LinkedIn Search option to the rescue!

You can narrow down my contacts to find people who are relevant to you!

Head to ‘all filters’ and LinkedIn’s amazing search tools will be revealed!

You can search by industry, level of connection, location and more!

It really is that easy. 

Go on, give it a try, and please let me know how you get on!

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