How to optimise your LinkedIn profile to get more exposure on other people’s posts.

In my article on ‘how mentioning other people can help your brand’, I talk about how appearing in other people’s posts on LinkedIn can be beneficial to you.

However, someone can only mention you in their posts if you allow it. 

If you want to maximize your exposure on LinkedIn, it’s essential that you allow others to tag and mention you in their posts.

So, to ensure others can mention and tag you in on posts, this is what you need to do:

1 Click on ‘Me’ icon at the top right of the home page

2 Under ‘Account’ click on ‘Settings & Privacy’

3 Under the ‘privacy’ tab, scroll down to ‘Mentions or tags by others’ and click on it

4 If it says ‘no’ toggle there and it will say ‘yes’

  • The new setting will save automatically

So now you have potentially increased the number of people who can see your posts and engage with you on LinkedIn.

If, however, you came across a post which mentioned you in a negative way or which could harm your brand, or the photo tagged is really not one you want people to see, you can ‘untag’ or ‘unmention’ yourself.  (article on that coming soon!).

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