How You Can Use Instagram Collections For Your Brand

INSTAGRAM COLLECTIONS are not to be confused with Highlights. Highlights are available for everyone to see, Collections are for your eyes only. They work like a filing system of images which you can use at any time for inspiration, re-posting, sharing or just enjoying!

How to use Instagram Collections

When you see a post you like in your feed, press and hold the ‘bookmark’ icon underneath the image to the right — it’s the other side from the ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘save’ images.

Instagram Collections

The first time you do this you will be asked to create a ‘new collection’. Release your finger and type in a name for that collection. It could be anything to help you identify the posts you plan to put within; ‘local’, ‘quotes’, ‘Accounts to watch’, ‘For reposting’ etc.

Click ‘Done’ to return to your feed.

The next time you want to save a post into your collections, press and hold the flag and either add it to the existing collection or click the ‘+’ sign to create a new collection.

Instagram Collections

Remember to press and hold the bookmark sign to ensure you can choose in which collection you’d like to save the image. If you just press and release the bookmark symbol, your image will be saved in your collections but it may not be in the one you want.

To view your Collections

There are two possible places to do this depending how your Instagram account is set up.

If you have the bookmark icon at the top of your page, just press it:

Otherwise you may have to click the 3 dots at the top of the page:

Which takes you to a long menu where you click on ‘saved’.

Both will take you to all your saved images to view all together or in your Collections.

So there you go, you can start collecting and curating all kinds of wonderful images and information on your Instagram feed.

How to use your Collections

Sharing/Re-Posting content

You can share images you have collected as a re-post. It’s always good to get permission before doing this and ALWAYS mention that it is a repost and who it is from.

If you don’t have time to respond to a mention

Save that image in your collections and respond when you have time

Keep an eye on your competitors

If there is someone you’re keen to emulate or if someone is doing a similar thing to you, keep an eye on what and how they are posting and also influencers they may tag in, hashtags they use etc.


We all take inspiration from each other so it’s a good idea to keep posts and ideas that you think you could use for the future in your collections so they are easy to find.

If you have any questions, please email me, I promise I will reply!

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