R is for Replies

When someone comments on your posts, don’t just ignore them, don’t even just ❤️ them. Reply!

If someone at a party said to you ‘I like your top’, what would you do? Would you ignore them? Hmm, I doubt it. Would you make that funny sign with your hands in the shape of a heart? Hmm, I don’t think you would. Are you more likely to say ‘Thank you, I got it from… or ‘Thank you I like yours too’.

If you want to build long lasting, genuine relationships on social media – reply reply reply! Yes it takes time but if all you do is post stuff and leave it, people will think you’re not interested in them and will stop commenting and stop following you. So there really would be no point in you posting in the first place right?!

If you worry about missing comments – make sure you check in to your social media regularly then you’ll catch them! There are apps you can use to help you, or you can hire a community manager to make sure every post gets seen and replied to.

Social media is social after all!

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