Welcome to the Learn To Love LinkedIn content challenge!


Creating good, relevant content for your audience is a vital part of building your LinkedIn presence and growing your LinkedIn network to find, and convert, those all-important customers.

With this challenge, this will be your first step to creating posts which will have your audience commenting, sharing and desperate to know more about you.

What will I learn on this challenge?

You will learn the first steps in creating different types of content. The ideas you are given and develop on the challenge can be re-purposed, adapted and used again and again and again so you will NEVER RUN OUT OF CONTENT IDEAS!

You will be on the challenge with other like-minded LinkedIn learners so you can share ideas in the comfort of the Facebook group before posting on LinkedIn if you wish.

You can also encourage your fellow learners to ‘like’ and comment on your posts for increased engagement!

When is the challenge?

The challenge starts on Monday Jan 11th and runs for 5 days until Friday Jan 15th.

What happens on the challenge?

Every day for 5 days I set you a content challenge in the Facebook group ‘Learn To Love LinkedIn’. This is an idea for a post which you can write and post on LinkedIn every single day for 5 days. Some of the posts will require more thought and text than others.

I will be live in the Facebook group at 7pm GMT/11am PST/2pm EST every day from 11th – 15th for you to ask questions.

What happens if I can’t keep up with all the posts?

That’s fine – this is YOUR challenge! There is no ‘target’ as such, this is purely to help you feel more comfortable posting on LinkedIn and to help you develop better, more interesting, more varied posts.

If you don’t manage to write 5 posts in the 5 days, you will have the PDFs with the information to write 5 posts anytime!

How do I take part in this free challenge?

It’s really very simple! All you have to do is fill out the form below with your details to register or just click here to join other LinkedIn learners in Sarah’s free challenge.

 By signing up for this challenge you agree to be notified by email about the challenge or other relevant information. You can opt out at any time.

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