LinkIngOut Club

Come and join us at LinkingOut Club on Friday October 30th!


Great news! I have partnered with the incredible folk at Agorapulse to bring you lovely folks a monthly meet up!

LinkingOut Club will take place on the last Friday of every month at 1pm, via a Zoom link.

At each meet up there will be:
🔸 One awesome speaker talking about social media, digital tech or business practices to help you, the savvy entrepreneur make your life better
🔸 Networking opportunities with other awesome, like-minded folk
🔸 Chances for self-promotion at the club and afterwards (ooh ooh!)
🔸 Freebies and special offers from those lovely guys at Agorapulse (ooh ooh ooh!)

How much is it going to cost?  For now my dear friends this amazing event will cost you NOTHING – NADA – ZIP – ZILCH!  

So, what are you waiting for?  Quick, sign up if you want to attend or if you want to SPEAK at one of the future events. Spaces for speaking are available in 2021.  Just complete the form below to get the link to our next LinkingOut club:

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