LinkingOut Club – What it is and How it Went

On Friday 30th October, the LinkingOut Club was launched. It started with the wonderful Rebecca Ward who virtually greeted attendees at the Zoom Waiting room. Attendees were then invited to introduce themselvesto rest of the LinkingOut Club. The star of the show, of course was guest speaker Paul Ince who talked about “Facing the Fear and Adapting Your Marketing: Becoming more agile in the era of Covid-19“. 

Paul cited several examples of businesses that have grown during 2020, including his own, and how some affected industries and businesses have pivoted. We also heard more stories of how some businesses pivoted from attendees of the LinkingOut Club which served as an inspiration to us all.

Paul gave further incredible advice including: 

  • It’s not too early to restart our marketing
  • Don’t be afraid to sell because there are people ready to buy.
  • Listen twice, speak once – be human – this tip was in relation to how we can be more adaptable in our marketing

The LinkingOut Club was closed out by the winners of our competition who were interviewed by #FOMOCreator May King Tsang. Thanks for taking part: Rebecca Ward, Louise Lewis, Nicola Webster.

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