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Teaching videos

I am aware that sometimes reading instructions is too much like hard work! To try to help you as much as possible I make short videos to show you how to perform certain tasks, teach you about social media and offer motivational advice. I try to make these as often as I can and I post them on my Linked In page and IGTV. If you keep an eye on this page, you will see them appear here too!

How to get more people in your pub using social media

How to use social media as the manager of a pub (Warning: this may surprise you.)

89% of businesses say that testimonials are the best form of content marketing

What do you do with your testimonials? If you’re planning a holiday, you look at review sites so why not in business? People like the verification of a testimonial. Watch what I’ve done with a recent testimonial I received.

Is your content being seen by the right people?

Fed up with making videos, writing articles and no-one sees them? Watch my video to see how I can help you work out who is your target audience.

How To Apply Lipstick by ‘Make Up With Maggie’

Maggie is an absolute daarling, don’t you think? She sure knows how to knock up a training video under pressure!