Social Media Management

I can work with you to convert potential customers into real ones – real customers who are happy and loyal. Customers who will tell everyone how good your business is and bring in even more customers – saving you a ton of money in your marketing budget!

There are many different ways I can help you get more customers through your door using social media:


Working out what and when you’re posting in advance will help you target your ideal customers in an aesthetic and efficient way ensuring all aspects of your business are represented on your social media.

Photography – inc editing

High quality photographs of your drinks, food, your building, your staff, behind the scenes & more to create a FOMO which brings more customers to your door.

Filming – inc editing

I specialise in staff & customer interviews to provide a strong ‘community’ feel which customers flock to.

Post design

Using all kinds of tools, I can create attractive & appealing posts to promote your business and events ensuring high levels of publicity.


Spending time creating and engaging in conversations on social media will drive more people to your pages which drives more people through your doors and leads to an increase in sales. Simple really! 

We use social listening and social monitoring to find out what is going on in and around your industry. It’s a bit like spying but in a nice way!

Hopefully you won’t get many negative comments on your pages but, if you do, we have a real talent for flipping the negative to a positive – it’s all that psychology I studied – it really works.

Proving my worth

The only way to see if a certain campaign is working is to measure, test, repeat, tweak. When we know what works best, we will repeat the formula so no post or engagement is wasted. 

How can we work together to increase your customer footfall?

The ‘Curly’ Packages

I get that it all sounds a bit – well – scary. You may want to start small and just have some of the things I offer. It may be that you can take great photos so you don’t need me to do that, or you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you’re not sure will work.

I get that, I really do.  This is why I can tailor you a ‘Curly’ package to suit your needs. After an initial meeting, I can put a bespoke package together to suit your budget and your business. 

If you’re already convinced that social media will increase your ROI more than my fees, then I’m happy if you give me all of your social media to handle – yes all of it, you won’t have to do a thing leaving you to look after all your new customers thanks to your new social media strategy! 

I can tailor the Curly package to suit your requirements, your platforms, the type, size and stage of your business. I will work in a way that suits your business and your budget.

Prices start at £550 pcm

The ‘Wavy’ Package

If you’re pretty savvy on social media & have a great team who are ‘on it’ then we can work together in a different way.  

If you do the daily posting etc. I can oversee and advise you. With this package I give you:

Initial strategy meeting to get you started.

Loads of tips & tricks to help you with posting, strategy, engagement

Great apps to ensure your posts zing

Constant updates on social media updates on algorithms, hashtags, trends, design, tools etc.

Monthly statistics reports so you know which posts worked well to plan for the next month

Phone support

Price: £400 pcm