Social Media Management

I ensure that my clients give their customers (and potential customers), the best experience possible using social media marketing. I spend time to fully understand your customers; I try to find out their likes and dislikes, their needs and pain points. This means that all your marketing efforts can be directly targeted at your audience so your marketing is more efficient and effective.

I can work with you to convert potential customers into real ones – real clients and customers who are happy and loyal. Clients and customers who will tell everyone about how good your business is and hopefully, bring in even more customers.

What are the different ways I can help you run your social media to ensure your customers and clients have the best experience you can give them?

The Full On ‘Curly’ Package

You can give me all of your social media to handle – yes all of it, you won’t have to do a thing!

I know you’re busy running your business; ensuring your product is at it’s best, that your profit column is healthy and your staff are busy and happy. I’ll give you the time to continue looking after your business while I crack on with the social media.

With the Curly Package, after an initial strategy meeting, I can take everything from you and, with my trusted team, I will look after the following:

Content Creation

Including photography, post design, artwork. With my photographer, we can create beautiful images of you and your products. We specialise in ‘behind the scenes’ photography and filming to further enhance your customers journey.

Content Curation

Sharing important and relevant posts, articles, images etc. we spend time carefully finding high quality, relevant posts to share and comment on. Curating content in this way shows you as a thought leader in your field and connects you with other industry specialists and potential customers.


Social media isn’t just a one way conversation, you have to communicate with others too. Liking and commenting on other’s posts is a pretty sure fire way to get them to do the same on yours. Building proper relationships, however, takes more work. We spend time each day engaging with relevant influencers and high profile competitors to position your brand amongst highly respected brands and individuals.

Community Management

Customer service is an absolute priority for me, so I ensure that every customer comment, complaint or praise is handled in an individual and professional manner.

Social Monitoring

Find out who’s mentioning your company in their posts. It is important to know what is being said about your business in the public domain in order that we can react accordingly at the first opportunity.

Measuring Statistics

The only way to see if a certain campaign is working is to measure, test, repeat, tweak. When we know what works best, we will repeat the formula so no post or engagement is wasted.

Basically I can do the whole lot! All you will have to do is watch the numbers grow!

I can tailor the Curly package to suit your requirements, your platforms, the type, size and stage of your business. I will work in a way that suits you.

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The ‘Wavy’ Packages

I can also work alongside you with varying levels of autonomy depending on your needs and requirements.

With these packages, you provide me with as many photos, images, articles etc. as you can; I can contribute with research too. Together we work out a strategy for how and when we want the images designed and posted so they perform their best. I still curate images and articles, and I look after the engagement strategy for you too. Engagement is a vital part of any social media strategy and has an increasingly important part to play. It’s time-consuming and requires a certain skill. Leave it to me and you will see positive results.

I can tailor the Wavy packages to suit your requirements, your platforms, the type, size and stage of your business. I will work in a way that suits you.

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