Social Media Training

Your customers are your salary. Without your customers, you wouldn’t have a business. It’s my aim to solve your customer’s problems before they’ve even realised they have any!

Group Workshops at Your Office

I can run group seminars or tutorials for you and your staff to give them a better grasp of why, what and how you AS A COMPANY are using social media. Social media for business operates in a very different way from people’s personal accounts so certain skills may need to be, let’s say, adapted, to fit the company’s ethos! I can provide ‘one-off’ sessions or provide on-going support: whichever suits you best.

One-to-one Coaching

I also provide one-to-one tuition for yourself or one of your team. These sessions are geared to help you understand what social media is all about, why it is important and to enable you to run part or all of your social media yourself.

My sessions are always tailored to your needs, are interactive and fun and will arm you with the skills you require. I remain on hand for a limited time afterwards to offer support and advice while you begin your learning journey.

Please complete the form below if you would like to know more about how I can train you to look after your own social media